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Ask for recommendations

“Please send me some good romantic and comedy movies.” “What’s that one about that dog?” Your friends know the answers you’re looking for. Cinemates helps you easily ask them all and save their responses. 

Share movies and shows

Did you discover a new show?  Are you desperate to talk about it with a friend? Easily and quickly send a movie or show to selected friends in Cinemates. They’ll be able to see all the platforms where it’s available to watch and if it interests them, they can save it to their “watch later”. You’ll even be notified when it moves from their “watch later” list to their “watched” list! 

Track your and your friends' likes and dislikes

No long movie reviews clogging up your home page. On Cinemates, all it takes is a simple thumbs up or a thumbs down. The movies and shows you’ve watched, and your friends have watched, are organized into two groups -- thumbs up and thumbs down. That way friends who want to see what you’re watching can easily differentiate what you recommend from what you don’t. You can refer to each other’s thumbs up sections at any time for instant recommendations. 

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Frequently asked questions

How is this different from other options?

We are a social media network centered on recommendations. On Cinemates you can ask your network to help you find something specific to watch. Your friends can also spontaneously  send you movies or shows they think you'd enjoy, and you can return the  favor. Our goal is to get you quick and easy high-quality recommendations, all while strengthening your community :)

Can I watch films on Cinemates?

No, we are not a streaming service, but we do let you know where movies and shows are available.

Is Cinemates free?

Cinemates is completely free with no add ons or pay walls!